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And things found by the way

The Attic of Gallimaufry

Cloaked in halcyon shadow

Beyond The Temporal Horizon

Characters in this book consider the title pretentious

Across the plains for gold and back for the Civil War

Human Migrations

Vera Blue Raven Studios

About the Attic.


What will you find rummaging around the attic?

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Time slows in the attic

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March 4, 2019

Driving up the Mountain to Mudgap, New Mexico, on a fall day.



When Jazz Was Cool

Geronimo and the Cubic Equation

Time Capsule from NY World's Fair

State of the Union

New Mexico Lawmen: Pecos Valley

New Mexico Lawmen: Tularosa

Sister Rosetta

Oliver Perry's Vision


Einstein and Shrodinger

Predicting the Future

New Mexico

Mudgap, New Mexico

The Roads West

The Third Man

Open The Books Website

Ariosa Coffee

Incompleteness Theorem

Visuallizing Big Numbers

Vice Presidents

Before Flying Saucers

Eldred Trachta

Independent Authors

Crisis of 1894

Jimmy Coleman aka J. Paul Emerson

Civil War Statues


The Golden Age of Radio

It's the Big One

Green Pastures

Put the money on a horse

Leonhard Euler

Vintage Cartoons

Years and Eras



Fourteenth Century


Progress Report

A Wise Man

The White Rock Days

Can't Make it Up

Free Speech


Fort Selden

Poet Of The Month

Germany Before the Great War

Jim Gilliam

B. H. Fairchild

Ubiquitous Theorem

Fats Navarro

Have Pen Will Travel

Absement! Absement!

St. James Infirmary

Marionette in Manhattan


High Bird

USS West Virginia

Calvin "Max" Maxwell

Magic in the Desert

The Divine Cavallard

Time Travel

Did you go to a one room school?

Steam Trains

Fabulous Future-1870

I voted for Wahsington

Remembering WW I

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Big Box of Stuff

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