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Lloyd Barnstaff Lloyd, Time Clerk.
Weatherforcast for the next century:
Gradual warming, Cold snaps, Scattered quakes and floods; Dry and humid.
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Mudgap, NM -Journey to 1892 from 2020
// BREAKING // Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy deny all. Mrs. Claus edentate.
Michelson/ Morley Ignored

The Ether Lives!

See 5th column of Brooklyn Times for 23 April, 1892.
Planet Vulcan Found

Or Maybe Not

2nd column Wilkes Barre Telephone, 3 December 1892.
Huntington Crosses Highest Bridge in World

by various newspapers, 1892

See 3rd column of The Arizona Republican, for 2 April, 1892.
Ellis Island: Nettleton Guilty

No charges to be filed

Last column of St Louis Globe, for 29 July, 1892.
Sierra Club to Save Forests

John Muir, President

2nd column San Francisco Examiner, 10 July 1892.
Harrison Out, Cleveland In

Will do no harm

The Chicago Tribune, for 12 November, 1892.
Buffalo Bill Home From Britain

Conquers Grand Canyon

The Inter Ocean 23 December, 1892.
General Electric Shines Bright

Carbon filament patent dooms opposition

2nd column, The Pittsburg Dispatch, for 16 October, 1892.
More Cholera in New York

No need to panic

St Louis Globe Democrat, for 3 September, 1892.
Dalton Gang Wiped Out

Coffeeville Fights Back

3rd Column, The Valley Falls Vindicator, 8 October, 1892.
Pinkertons Invade Homestead

Carnegie to Reinforce

2nd Column, Pittsburg Dispatch, for 9 July, 1892.
Pneumatic Tires the Future!

No cycle should be without

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, for 3 March, 1892.
Walker to Venezuela

United Kingdom Foiled

4th column, St Louis Post Dispatch, 18 September, 1892.
Hiram Maxim to Fly

Not Right Away

"The Daily Advertiser, 2 October 1892."
Whitman Dead

Bard of Democracy

"5th column, The Boston Globe, 27 March 1892."
"5th column, The Boston Globe, 27 March 1892."
Death of Whittier

His Name a Jewel

"5th column, The Daily Inter Ocean, 27 March 1892."
Cosmo Magazine to Fly

Edison volunteers help

"3rd column, The Daily Tribune, 20 January 1892."
Delprat's Flying Machine

A Veritable Airship

"The San Francisco Call, 9 October 1892."
Big Horn War Confusing

Good guys? Bad guys?

"4th column Omaha Daily Bee, 22 April 1892."
Mob Shoots Locksmith, Hangs Grizzard

Demands Immunity.

"Nashville Banner, 30 April 1892."
Jim Crow in Court

Homer Adolph Plessy.

Professional Football Scheme

Will not amount to much

"3rd column, Pittsburg Dispatch, 9 October 1892."
"6th Column, The Times Picayune, 29 October, 1892."
Basket-Ball at Berkely

Girl Ball-Kickers

"3rd column, The Morning Call, 19 November, 1892."