Bohannon Country School

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History and memories of a one-room country school in Macon County, Missouri.
School year 1954-1955

Wray Family, 1956.

School and Teacher

Mrs. Davenport returned for another year in the 1954-55 school term.

Mrs. Maggie Davenport

Students and Memories

June Mooneyham in 1960

The Trachta family was living in Colorado during this school term. They visited the area the following year, in the summer of 1956. The school was unchanged from 1953. The above picture of part of the Wray family was made during that visit.

Trachta front yard, Jimmy Wray and Greg Trachta after a day down at the creek. School house visible behind Greg's head (about 1952).

Student Memories

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Lindelll Rufener in 1964

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